about the market

Who are we?


What began ten years ago as a small group of farmers huddled together outside selling their winter veggies is now a successful, thriving market with a bounty of local vegetables and farm products. Our community's demand for a direct producer-to-consumer experience has grown, and with it has the Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market. At our market, you’ll find a lot more than traditional winter staples like potatoes and onions. Area farmers have worked hard to drastically increase the amount of fresh greens and the variety of vegetables they can offer our Gallatin Valley community throughout the fall, winter and spring. 

What's with the apostrophe?


The Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market is a farmers' market in the truest sense of the word. It was created by farmers and it continues to be operated by farmers, for farmers.

Because our focus is on food and agricultural products, you’ll find over 30 vendors each week selling an array of farm products. In addition to greens and vegetables, there's meat & fish, cheese & eggs, artisan breads & baked goods, fermented vegetables & blended teas, beeswax candles & honey, spices & syrups, jams & preserves, grains & oils, yarn & wool, soaps & salves, ethically sourced coffee, hot breakfast, live music, and much more. Come experience for yourself just how much our Montana farmers can produce during the winter!

Where is the winter market?

Each market takes place at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture’s Ballroom in downtown Bozeman from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


Find the 2019-2020 market dates here!

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