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What kind of products are at the Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market?

At each market, you’ll find dozens of vendors selling an array of local farm and food products. We've got it all: greens & vegetables, meat & fish, cheese & eggs, artisan breads & baked goods, fermented vegetables & blended teas, beeswax candles & honey, spices & syrups, jams & preserves, grains & oils, yarn & wool, soaps & salves. We've even got ethically sourced coffee, hot breakfast and live music. Come experience for yourself just how much our Montana farmers can produce during the winter!

Wait! Can people really grow veggies in Montana during the winter?

You bet! Our farmers work hard to provide their community with quality, local produce all year round. Some vegetables - like potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, onions, garlic and winter squash - are picked in the fall and stored all winter.​ Other frost-tolerant veggies - like spinach - can be grown in unheated hoop houses. Other greens - like lettuce, kale and microgreens - are grown in heated greenhouses throughout the winter. 

Are we sure we're not a craft fair?

Yep, we're sure! The Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market prioritizes food and farm goods. Occasionally, we'll have one artist per market that sells a handmade product that complements our food items, like cutting boards or pottery. But we really do try to leave as much space as possible for our farmers, ranchers and food artisans.

How does one become a vendor?

Our vendor spaces fill up quite quickly for the season, so it's best to get your application in before September. However, vendors can still apply throughout the fall, winter and spring. If you're accepted, we'll put you on the wait list for the days you're available. To read through our market guidelines and submit an application, visit our VENDOR PAGE.

When and where is this awesome farmers' market?

Winter Markets run September through May from 9am to 12pm on select Saturdays. To see the specific schedule and a map, click the link HERE.

Why isn't the market every Saturday?

Our farmers, ranchers and producers work really hard all summer to grow crops, raise animals and provide food for our community. That's a tough schedule to maintain all winter and, quite frankly, vegetables just don't grow as fast during these colder, shorter days. Besides, the winter is an important time for producers to look back at the previous summer, catch up on all the bookkeeping, take note on what went well and what didn't, and make plans for next summer. 

Do we accept credit cards?

While some of our vendors do accept credit card, many do not. Be sure to bring cash just to make sure!

What about EBT cards?

Absolutely! The Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market is SNAP-friendly! In fact, we'll even double up to $20 of your SNAP dollars with tokens that you can spend on fresh fruits and veggies. Your SNAP dollars go further at our farmers' market! So come swing by the Market Information Table. We'll swipe your card and give you tokens to spend on meats, breads, cheeses, veggies, fruits, jams, preserves and prepared foods! To learn more about Double SNAP Dollars, check our this WEBSITE.

How do you plan to operate during COViD?

We are in constant communication with the local health department to make sure we're being as safe as possible. Please visit our CORONAVIRUS UPDATE page to see what steps we've implemented.

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